Blow 2 to 3 bales a minute.


Turbo Turf’s powerful straw blower can blow 2 to 3 bales a minute.   Blow straw on up to 1.5 acres an hour.   Blown straw uses less material and will cover 20% better than shaken straw.  straw is cut into 4 inch lengths and can be blown 35 to 50 feet from the blower.  The unit comes with an aerodynamic cannon discharge that will rotate a full 360 degrees.  For difficult to reach areas, up to 100 feet of 6″ I. D. hose is available as an option.   Unlike other units on the market, it is not necessary to remove the chute to attach the hose.   The hose can be slipped right over the end of the discharge chute.  The Turbo Turf Straw Blower works well with straw or hay.  It can even handle damp straw but at a slower rate.  

Turbo Turf’s Straw Blower is a popular choice for landscapers, rental stores and construction companies.  It can be operated from the back of a truck or on a trailer which frees up your truck for hauling material.  The straw blower’s legs double as fork slots allowing you to pick up the unit with a fork lift of fork attachment from either end.  The unit is also equipped with a hook allowing the unit to be easily lifted.  

Optional Trailer

The optional trailer allows you to just hook on and go to the job site and allows you to leave your truck bed free for hauling straw.

Compact Storage

The loading tray folds out of the way when not in use so the straw blower takes up little room when you are storing it.

Would you like to see our straw blowers in action. Please feel free to click the link and watch our YouTube video.

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