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Turbo Turf’s Straw Blower will blow 2 to 3 bales per minute and cover an acre of ground in less than an hour.  Because the coverage is more even you can produce the same results using 20% less straw.  Blowing straw with a Turbo Turf Straw Blower is 10 times faster than shaking straw by hand.  The unit can blow both straw and hay and can even handle damp straw but at a slightly lower rate.  The 360 degree cannon allows you to place the straw where you want it to be quickly and easily.  As an option the unit can be equipped with a hose and can spray through up to 100 feet of 6″ I.D. smooth walled hose.   The feeding tray folds out of the way when not in use making it a compact unit for easy storage.  The Turbo Turf Straw Blower can be operated from a trailer or the back of a truck.

Turbo Turf’s Straw Blower is made to require little service.  Straw is cut by 4 pair of beater chain that eliminates the need to sharpen or reverse knifes like other units.  The 16 inch blower fan is made from 1/4″ plate steel and dynamically balanced for smooth operation.  The belt drive is a triple V-Belt for long life.  Turbo Turf’s Straw Blower is available with either a 20 H.P. Kohler Command Pro electric start engine or a 20 H.P. Honda electric start engine.  All components are heavy duty and designed for long life.