TM-20 vs Top Loading Straw Blowers


Many see the fact that you can remove the string and load full bales in a top loading Straw Blower as an advantage where with side loading units you need to flake the straw into the unit.  However side loading units such has the Turbo Turf TM-20 are much faster and more powerful.  Top loading straw blowers are rated to handle 1 – 1/2 bales per minute where a side loader such as the Turbo Turf TM-20 can handle 2-3 bales per minute.  With the TM-20 the ability to continually feed straw into the unit lets you get the job done faster.


Many top loading units come with 25 feet of hose and blow 10-15 feet beyond the hose where the TM-20 can blow 35-45 feet from the cannon and can use up to 100 feet of hose blowing the straw 10-15 feet beyond the end of the hose.   Turbo Turf’s molded discharge chute is more efficient than metal chutes others use and should you wish to attach a hose it attaches right to the end of the chute eliminating the need to remove the chute as with competitive straw blowers.


Top Loaders use knives that wear fairly quickly and need to be replaced in matched pairs.  Top Loaders have a gearbox that must be frequently serviced.   The Turbo Turf TM-20 uses heavy duty beater chains that are virtually maintenance free and there are no gearboxes on the unit.  Top loaders cannot handle wet or damp hay or straw which is not a problem for the TM-20 although you need to load damp straw a bit slower.


The basic operation of side loading straw blowers is so similar it is hard to provide many advantages.  Most use a similar drive, similar chains and similar blower.  Most all side loading straw blowers are excellent, trouble free well performing units. Turbo Turf’s Straw Blower does provide a few small benefits including the ability to load with a fork lift from either end, a more secure shaft mounting and superior machined chain mounts.  The biggest advantage of Turbo Turf’s Straw Blowers is that about 75% of our sales are factory direct which lowers our distribution costs and allows us to price our units $ 1,000.00 to $ 3,000.00 less than similar machines made by other companies.